As we enter the winter holiday season, we may find ourselves experiencing the pain of loss, loneliness and sorrow. We may be consumed with thoughts of what we have lost and feel disconnected from the holiday bustle, music and social gatherings as we release deep grief.  Allow yourself to feel your emotions without guilt for grief is part of healing.  Invite yourself to receive the level of comfort and care that feels right to you. This helps us from feeling overly isolated.  Increase your nurturing self-care, as you can.  Consider a walk on the beach or in amongst the redwoods, perhaps a restorative yoga class, maybe even offering some acts of kindness to the world around you.  You might also consider receiving some caring human touch.  A massage, foot reflexology, a pedicure or a facial—all are wonderful ways to come back into our body and spirit when we feel unanchored.  Whatever you might choose, I wish you peace on your healing journey.

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