Meet Tracey David, Licensed Esthetician

I want you to feel good about your skin while nourishing your heart, spirit, health, and well-being. The path of my passion for skin health led me to find my niche in the holistic “slow beauty” approach to skin health. According to author Shel Pink, this mindful approach is about “…the spiritualization of beauty, practicing a renewed feminism, and reframing our ideas and ideals about beauty”. This resonates deeply within me.

There are many challenges to maintaining a healthy skin glow. Natural aging, environmental exposure, imbalances in nutrition, health, sleep and stress all challenge the skin’s well-being. Tension can bring about premature aging in the skin. Sluggish circulation can bring about stagnation. Inviting balance, harmony, and stillness into our life enhances our well-being.

I believe radiant healthy skin is the result of:

  • bringing the appropriate life, vitality, and nutrients to your skin to stimulate cell growth and increase elasticity,
  • sustainable skin-care practices (like gua sha, lymph drainage and other forms of massage) that don’t cause inflammation and which have cumulative benefits,
  • using medicinal products that partner with the skin to repair, heal and glow.

Open to the beautiful practice of consistent self-care! Join me in skin-wellness, graceful aging and healing beauty!

Wishing you health!,
Tracey David

Tracey David