Welcome to the world of holistic skincare from Mindful Skin Studio! The radiance of our skin is a reflection of our inner physical health, emotional well-being, and lifestyle. I invite you to become more conscious of what you eat, how you think and your self-care. Most skin conditions are caused, in part, by inflammation. Inflammation stems from external sources such as environmental toxins, pollution, and product ingredients and/or internal sources including sugar, stress, hormones and even our thoughts. Thus I believe a non-inflammatory approach is the most effective route to enduring healthy, glowing skin. The heart of my work is supporting the skin to heal, repair and reverse premature aging using non-toxic ingredients and non-invasive methods such as gua sha, lymphatic drainage, and facial massage. I am oncology-trained and offer compassionate care to those in active treatment, as well as in recovery from cancer.

I invite you to foster a healthy mind, body, and spirit through a daily holistic skin care practice.
Welcome Mindful Skin Care

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